WMSC Road Smart Program

Our custom driver education program consists of two hours of comprehensive classroom instruction designed to give you an overview of general driving techniques and accident avoidance as well as specifics about what causes a vehicle to skid and how to avoid or control a skid. The classroom instruction is followed by hands-on training in one of our specially modified skid vehicles. These vehicles are designed to mimic an actual skid in a controlled environment so that you can, with the help of an instructor learn what to do when your vehicle enters into a skid. Plus, it’s FUN!

Skid car program to begin Fall of 2023!

Things you will learn in this class:

– Line of Sight

– Path of Travel

– Spacing

– Intersection sight patterns

– Zone System

Keep Your Head in the Game:

– Types of Distractions

– Types of Impairments

– Hand Positions

– Evasive Maneuvering

Increase Speed:

– Identifying and using Transition Pegs as reference points

– Knowing when and how much to accelerate to avoid a skid

Decrease Speed:

– Pacing

– Smooth stops

– Reference points

Call for more information about the Road Smart Program today – 307-635-4592