Wyoming-Montana Safety Council Main Office and Training Center
1002 S. Greeley Highway
Cheyenne, WY 82007

El Dorado, KS

HollyFrontier El Dorado Refinery Training Office

We are located just outside the gates on the west side of the refinery off of Haverhill Road but we do not have a physical address. We are approximately one mile south of the Butler Community College on the east side of the road. Phone 316-321-8580.

Artesia, NM
Directions from Hwy 82/Main Street in Artesia.

Traveling on Hwy 82/Main Street in Artesia, NM head north on North Freeman Street (at the Diamond Shamrock).  Heading north on Freeman Street you will pass a large parking lot on your left for Semis and larger vehicles and next you will come to a smaller parking lot just to the left of the Guard Shack Entrance.  Park behind the guard shack where you will see the Orientation/Security Office Building.  Enter the Security Office door and they will direct you to the training office.Phone 575-748-6719